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Our family has been using Sean ( Brightlife )  -  for almost three years.  When considering a caregiver or agency for the care of a parent or in our caseparents there really was only one choice we could have made. That was clear from the start with Sean's very special and caring way with our severe stroke surviving mother. I feel she led us to this choice with her ever present smile each time he is with her.  That smile has lasted for many years now under Sean's great care.  He brings not only experience-reliability-creativity and honesty to those he works with..........he brings something you can not measure.Personality. He cares about his clients.  They end up caring about him. 

C. Cotton

Palo Alto, CA

I've had an amazing experience with Sean and his team. The caretakers are phenomenal, especially for larger patients that need strong caretakers for transfers. Sean's team goes all out. They're always running errands, driving the client around when need-be, making life easier. The biggest thing is the improved quality of life.  Sean is a great guy, and although he's the boss he's very much involved in direct client care. What more can you ask for.


Sam B.

Oakland, CA

I had a back injury and needed professional help with driving, medicine and overall accommodation. Aleza, VN was very sweet and proactive, making sure I was as comfortable as possible. We've been through rough patches together, such as trying to find the best parking spot possible, and her dragging my wheelchair on ramps that were in terrible shape and under heavy rain and wind while trying to get to classroom. She was very professional and never lost her smile and sweet temperament. You can tell she was born to be a nurse and I was very lucky to have had her help. Sean called me a few times to follow up on how I was doing and how the service was. It was very pleasant to work with both Sean and his wife as well, even during the painful billing process to our HSA - they made every effort possible to write their receipt and letter to our HSA to ensure the approval for the professional vocational nurse services we have received from Bright Life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is one of the most difficult times in a person's life. Make sure you have a great company to help you through this rough patch. I highly recommend calling Bright Life and hire them.

R. M.

Palo Alto, CA

I've been working with BrightLife since the end of April, 2020, for my 88 year old mother's care after a hip fracture.  I couldn't be more satisfied. BrightLife's co-owner, Michelle, is a joy to work with; she is a truly service oriented professional.  The caregivers are dedicated and highly competent, and really nice people.  My mother enjoys her time with them, and has improved dramatically in these three months, already regaining nearly full functionality.  I believe that a large part of her success is the kindness and quality of care she receives.  BrightLife has the most reasonable hourly cost I found after surveying every agency that serves San Francisco.  I fully expect that my mother will make a complete recovery in the next couple of months, and I would certainly use BrightLife after that, if, God forbid, she should need care again.

Deirdre D.

San Francisco, CA

I've been very pleased with the service from BrightLife, my grandfather developed Alzheimer's this past year and we decided to get some help for him and my grandmother.  Now she is able to continue teaching, take walks with friends, and run errands while being confident that my grandfather is safe at home.  They took great care in finding someone with Alzheimer's experience and who would fit well with my gramma so she would be comfortable and have some nice company as well.  After the first day of care, I even received a call from BrightLife to see how the day went.


Chelle K.

Sunnyvale, CA

Before speaking with Sean at BrightLife i had called 5 other home care businesses that all refused to provide care for my wife. I only needed a temporary caregiver for 2 days while i went on a trip, but it seems they all have a minimum amount of hours needed to provide care-giving services. Sean was very kind and accommodating to what we needed and really put the effort in getting us the perfect caregiver at the last minute. Definitely recommend BrightLife.
Thanks Sean!!! 


Johny S.

Daly City, CA

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